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Saturday, December 21 2019
Why You Should Shop for Gifts at Pawn Shops Instead of Retail Stores

The holiday season is one of joy and giving, but it’s also one of stress. Few enjoy fighting through the ice and snow, battling it out among retail store aisles, praying that the items they need are still in stock, and spending wads of cash hoping that they bought the right gifts for the right people.

Whether you shop at the biggest retail chains or a smaller store only in your geographic area, you probably go through this struggle every year.

But what if you could skip the lines and find the perfect gift for everyone close to you, all while saving money?

Just look to your local pawn shop. Read below to learn why you should shop for gifts at pawn shops instead of retails stores.

1. Inventory

Pawn shops have diverse inventories, so there should be a gift for even the hardest person to shop for. Here at Cash Express, we have great gift items for nearly anyone in your life:
Video games
Power tools

And much more. Visit Cash Express in Philadelphia if you need a unique gift this holiday season.

2. Less Crowds

Pawn shops have acquired an unfortunate stigma of being dirty or shady, despite the many regulations governing pawn shops and the strong relationships many pawn shops have with local law enforcement.

Still, you can use this stigma to your advantage. Pawn shops won’t be as jammed full of shoppers as retails stores due to said stigma, so no need to fight through several winter coat-clad people to get the gift item you want.

3. Negotiable Prices

Good luck haggling for a better price at a giant retailer. 

At pawn shops, it’s a different story. Not only are their prices lower on many items, but negotiation is encouraged! Feel free to try and haggle a lower price out of the pawn shop if you feel you can make a good case for it.

4. Financing Options

Scraping together a holiday budget is tough, even when you’re at a pawn shop where the prices are both low and negotiable.

At pawn shops, you can bring in your items to either pawn or sell. When you pawn an item, the pawn shop hands you a loan for what they determine to be the items value. They hold your item as collateral. Payback the loan in full and on time, you get your item back. Fail to do so, and the pawn shop takes your item. No fees, no credit checks/damage, no paperwork, no headaches.

Otherwise, you can simply sell the item if you really don’t want it.

So if you’ve got anything around the house you don’t want, bring it on down to Cash Express and we’ll have a look at it. Then, you can use the proceeds to shop from some of our cool inventory. 

Pawn Shops: Your One Stop Shop for the Holidays

By ditching retail stores for pawn shops, you could avoid annoying crowds, bolster your holiday budget, and knock out your holiday shopping in just a couple hours; all while saving money.

If you’re looking for a place to check off your holiday shopping in Philadelphia, Cash Express has plenty of cool gift items at great prices. Don’t hesitate to bring any items you want to pawn or sell, either - you might have something another Cash Express customer wants to buy from us!

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