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Wednesday, October 13 2021
Sell Your Old Stuff for the Most Money

Clearing out can be fun and also fill the wallet? Correct!

Selling used things is the motto! It's that easy to get rid of old dust collectors and earn good money for it!

There is something liberating about clearing out - and it can still bring in quite a bit of money. With the right tips, you can get rid of your used property at a profit.

Is It Worth the Effort?

Giving every item a new owner instead of packing everything in one large container for the sake of simplicity has several big advantages:

- Extra money in your wallet

- Someone else is happy about things that they might not be able to afford otherwise

- Buying and selling used is a super effective measure to protect the environment

The Best Used Items to Resell to Earn Quick Cash

You need to know which items are most likely to resell for the most profit.

Electronics: New or Vintage

Some vintage electronic devices such as personal music players, cassette players, and VCRs can be sold for a profit.


Cameras and lenses, and even some accessories like tripods, can retain their value well. Lenses in particular, as they can be used for many years if they are in good condition. Vintage photographic equipment can undoubtedly be of value, and even non-antique second-hand equipment can be sold for fair prices. There is a significant market for used photographic equipment. It can be an expensive hobby, so you will find that many photographers have a habit of spending a lot of money on their equipment.


Bikes can be great for pawning or reselling. There are a lot of them in garage sales. Well-known brands and older bikes are the best options. In some cases, you will have to clean them and maybe do a few small repairs to sell them for a decent price.

Sports Equipment

You can sell your used sporting goods. Some are valuable if they are in good condition, and you can sell them at a competitive price.

Video Games and Consoles

You might be surprised by the market for old video games and consoles. Old games and consoles can be collectibles, and some of them will get you a nice little cash bonus.

Power Tools

There is a great demand, and great availability, for used power tools. People often sell them to decluttering companies when they move out or when they buy a newer model. Other people are looking to buy used power tools when they need them for a specific job or when they just want to save money over buying new tools.

Other used items like jewelry, wristwatches, piano, and other music instrumentals, used laptops and phones, tool brands, and many others can also be sold to make some extra money.

Where to Sell Your Used Items?

Conveniently located near you in Philadelphia Center City Cash Express Pawn Shop can be your trusted partner to buy your second-hand products at the right price.

All you have to do is to bring your used items to our store. We estimate their cost depending on the model, the condition of your item and its accessories, and the demand for the product. After a common agreement, you are paid immediately.


Selling for cash is possible if you are motivated and also take the time to think carefully about what you can sell. We hope our tips will allow you to earn some extra money in these challenging times.

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Monday, September 20 2021
Why Cash Express Has Everything You Need For Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping time is fast approaching. It’s almost time to check your budget and gear up for a shopping spree.

But before you visit your favorite big-box retailer this year, consider another great holiday gift shopping option: your local Philadelphia pawn shop, Cash Express.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a place like Cash Express for your holiday shopping — here are a few.

1. Our Specialities Are Perfect Holiday Gifts

At Cash Express, our favorite items also make the best holiday gifts. We love jewelry, precious metals, precious stones, luxury watches, antiques, and other high-end items.

Naturally, giving any of these as a holiday gift is an excellent way to express your love to family and friends this season.

2. Get Great Gifts For Less

If you wanted to buy a fancy watch or beautiful piece of jewelry from a watch store or jewelry dealer, prepare to pay the big bucks.

On the other hand, Cash Express can offer these and other similar items in excellent (basically like new) condition for far, far less. You won’t have to break the bank to get the gifts your loved ones and friends deserve.

3. Not Just “Expensive” Things

Sure, we love shiny and typically expensive items… but we have plenty of variety beyond that. For example, we also sell computers, electronics, tools, and musical instruments. All of these items make perfect gifts for the tech whiz, gamer, handyman, or musician in your life.

As a result of all this variety, you won’t have to jump from store to store. You can simply stop into Cash Express and finish most, if not all of your holiday shopping this year.

4. We Can Bolster Your Holiday Budget

Need a little extra room in your holiday shopping budget? Got any items you don’t need or are willing to pawn?

We can help you stretch your budget this fall and winter if you bring in items to pawn or sell to us. We especially love to buy gold, computers, antiques, watches, coins, and tools. However, bring in other items if you’d like — we’re happy to provide you a fair price or loan amount, and get you your money as early as today!

With all that said… if you want to knock out your holiday shopping fast and for less… and/or you have some items you’d like to pawn to bolster your holiday budget… stop by Cash Express in Philadelphia today! We’re happy to have you.

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Thursday, September 16 2021
Is it Too Early to Start Picking Out Holiday Gifts?

August is over, which means summer’s coming to an end. But that also means the holidays will be here much faster than you expect. Still, it is only the start of September. Is it too early to pick out holiday gifts? Not so. Now could actually be the perfect time. Let us explain why.

Shopping Starts Earlier This Year

After the events of last year, more people than ever are looking to shop online where possible. They’ve found it to be incredibly convenient. Consequently, many stores are pushing their holiday sales forward, earlier into the year. That means more people are shopping earlier for their holiday gifts. On top of that, recent shortages and supply chain issues have made it hard for stores to keep certain items on the shelves. This is especially true for electronics.

That means it’s fine — and probably ideal — for you to start hunting for holiday items as soon as September (which just started a few days ago).

How to Avoid the Shopping Crowds This Holiday Season (And Earlier)

Despite the massive explosion in online commerce, plenty of people are still going to go into stores to grab their gift items. There’s just something about shopping in person that can’t turn everyone into online shoppers. If you want to skip the crowds, though, we have a great idea for you: Visit a pawn shop! Pawn stores are underrated places to grab gifts for plenty of reasons.

Great Selection

Pawn shops have all sorts of cool and unique items. Many of them make great gifts. Got a handy husband or father? Pick up some power tools. Maybe your kids want some video games for the holidays. Plenty of pawn shops sell electronics. Or perhaps there’s a musician in your life. Guitars, drums, and other instruments are popular at pawn stores. Whatever it is, a pawn shop might just have it.

Less Known — Fewer Crowds

Most people will head to big-box retailers to get their holiday gifts. Fewer people know how great pawn shops can be for this… meaning crowds won’t be as big of a worry. You can skip the long lines at major retailers and stay safer while you’re at it.


Pawn shops sell used items — even slightly used — meaning it’ll cost a lot less than if you bought it newer elsewhere. Not to mention you may be able to negotiate.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with jewelry. At a pawn shop, you could find barely-used jewelry for a massive discount compared to a jewelry store. What a perfect holiday gift for your loved one and your wallet!

Speaking of jewelry and other shiny things, that’s what we love at Cash Express in Philadelphia. Whether you’re shopping for the holidays, offloading some jewelry or metals to boost your holiday budget, or both, we’d be happy to see you. Come visit us today!

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Saturday, August 28 2021
Common Questions About Pawn Shops

There are plenty of myths and misunderstandings surrounding pawn shops. The truth is, thousands of people visit pawn shops every day to buy items at great prices and pawn their own items for quick loans.

Still, you may have some questions. So, to help you out and clear up any misconceptions, we answered some common questions about pawn shops below.

1. Are Pawn Shops Safe?

Pawn shops have an unfortunately bad reputation, but they have come quite far in just a few decades. Most pawn shops are clean, well-lit, and have an appealing interior, relatively speaking.

The other belief is that pawn shops have lots of stolen goods. Although it’s impossible to have absolutely 0% of customers attempt to pawn stolen items, it’s quite rare. Legit pawn shops ID their customers and also work together with local law enforcement to prevent stolen items from changing hands.

In fact, pawn shops can and do report transactions on databases that law enforcement can then use to track down the thieves.

2. Why Would I Get a Pawn Loan?

Pawn loans come with several benefits that make them great for anybody — but especially people who need cash fast or can’t get a loan through traditional sources.

That’s because pawn loans don’t require credit checks. You simply bring in an item of value, and the pawn shop will look at it before offering you an amount and terms. If you agree with their offer, they’ll give you a ticket in exchange for your item. You can walk out with money that same day.

3. What Can I Pawn?

You can pawn anything of value, whether that’s jewelry, guitars, or video game consoles. However, you’ll get more money if you go to a pawn store specializing in your item.

For example, pawning a guitar at a store specializing in musical instruments could fetch you more than somewhere else.

4. How Long Do Pawn Loans Last?

Pawn loans generally last 30 days. You must pay back the loan plus any interest/fees by then. In some cases, you may be able to extend the loan another 30 days by paying another fee.

The best part: if you can’t pay your loan back, you simply lose your item. No credit damage, no collections, no more interest.

Now you know a little bit more about pawn shops. If you’re looking for a pawn loan — or you want to buy jewelry, coins, electronics, and more at great prices in Philadelphia — come stop by Cash Express pawn shop today. We’re happy to take a look at any items you have, and feel free to browse our inventory!

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Monday, August 16 2021
Benefits of Purchasing Jewelry From a Pawn Shop

Are you looking to pick up a beautiful piece of jewelry? Maybe you have to propose soon, perhaps your anniversary’s coming up, or maybe you just want to look stylish.

Regardless of the reason, jewelry stores aren’t your only option. In fact, your local pawn store may actually be a better place to go.

Here are some reasons to get your next piece of jewelry from a pawn shop in Philadelphia.

1. Price

First and foremost, pawn shop prices are nearly always better relative to jewelry stores. Sure, you can buy a brand new piece of jewelry at a jewelry store for a small fortune…

Or you could go to a pawn shop and get a piece in great condition — almost identical to a brand new piece — for a much smaller amount.

Additionally, there may be negotiating room. You might be able to knock a couple of bucks off the price the pawn shop has listed.

So whether it’s an engagement ring, birthday gift, or personal piece, you’ll avoid breaking the bank by getting your jewelry at a pawn shop.

2. Sell or Pawn To Expand Your Budget

If better prices at pawn shops weren’t enough, it’s easy to expand your jewelry budget at pawn shops. Just bring in items you’d like to pawn or sell and you can get more money into your hand that same day.

Do this right, and you could get your hands on quite the nice piece of jewelry that would otherwise be way out of reach at a typical jewelry store.

3. Variety

Jewelry stores have some level of variety in selection, but not necessarily what a pawn shop can offer.

The reason is simple: pawn shops regularly buy and sell jewelry from all sorts of people over many years. More types of people means more variety in jewelry.

For example, you might have a decent chance of finding beautiful vintage pieces at pawn shops. On the other hand, jewelry stores may only have newer/modern pieces.

You won’t miss out on brands you love, either. You could find big names like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Hermès, and more at your local pawn shop.

4. Less Time To Receive the Jewelry

Jewelry stores let you buy right then and there… but they might have to order you a separate example of the same piece so they don’t have to hand you the floor piece. Not at pawn shops. You see a piece and you like it? Buy it, and you walk out with it that same day. If someone’s birthday or your anniversary is coming soon and you can’t wait around, pawn shops might be your best option.

Pawn Shops: Offering a Variety of Affordable Pieces

Don’t buy jewelry in Philadelphia from any old jewelry store. Look to a pawn shop like Cash Express instead. Jewelry is one of our hottest categories of items — we love to buy it, and we love even more to get it into your hands. Stop by today to check out all of our jewelry inventory!

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Monday, July 26 2021
How to Get the Best Price For Your Items at a Pawn Shop

Whether you need money fast or want to exchange items you don’t need for quick cash, pawn shops are an excellent solution. You can either sell your items outright or use the item as collateral on a pawn loan.

But regardless of your reason for visiting a pawn shop, it never hurts to do things that can get you a better price.

To help you out, here are a few tips to get more dollars for your items.

1. Do Your Homework

First, do some research on your item. Learn more about its history and any other relevant facts.

Then, look online on sites like eBay for similar items that recently sold.

Both of these pieces of information can help you nail down a price that leaves both you and the pawn shop happy. Being informed about your item also helps you negotiate your price a bit higher.

2. Clean and Fix Up the Item

It’s simple: a clean item in perfect condition will fetch more money than the same one with scuffs, marks, or other issues.

Thus, you should clean items off at the very least before bringing them in.

Make any repairs if you can as well. You might not be able to restore an item to mint condition, but you can make said item more attractive to the eye or easier to use — both of which help you get a better price.

3. Bring Documentation

Selling a high-ticket item like jewelry? Have it appraised ahead of time and bring that report in with you to the pawn shop. You’ll have proof to back up your asking price.

This also goes for collectible items, like art or trading cards. Any documentation proving value, rarity, and other similar traits can help you secure a higher selling price.

4. Include Peripheral Items

For example, if you’re selling a computer to a pawn shop, bring its power cord and any other peripherals that might go with it. Not only does more items equal more money… but pawn shops might hand you even more since the other items you’re providing complement the main item.

5. Go to the Right Place

You can do all the other things right and still not get the price you’re looking for if you don’t visit the right pawnbroker.

Some pawnbrokers specialize in certain items or are located in areas where particular items are in high demand. For example, a pawn store specializing in musical instruments may give you a better price than one that doesn’t usually buy them.

With this in mind, there’s no need to take up your first offer at a pawn shop. You can shop around and try to find a better deal.

Now, if it’s jewelry or precious metals you’re pawning or selling in Philadelphia, Cash Express is the place to go. We especially love gold, coins, and various jewelry pieces, but we’re also happy to look at computers, watches, tools, and antique items.

If you have any of those and you want the best possible price, visit Cash Express today!

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Monday, July 19 2021
Get Some Extra Cash This Summer With Your Unwanted Jewelry

It’s summertime. If you haven’t already cleaned and decluttered your home during the spring, you might be doing it now.

As you move through your house, you might stumble upon some long-forgotten jewelry that you no longer care for much.

Don’t let it sit any longer — you can turn that unwanted jewelry into some extra cash to use for summer fun or urgent expenses, regardless of your situation.

One of the best ways to do so is to bring it into a pawn shop like Cash Express. Let’s talk a bit more about pawning your jewelry.

Why Pawn Unwanted Jewelry?

Pawn shops offer people a lightning-fast way to get their hands on some extra funds with no complications. They’re called pawn loans.

Here’s how pawn loans work:

First, you bring your item in for the pawn shop to look at. Once they’ve looked it over, they’ll offer you a loan amount and. If you agree, the pawn shop will give you a pawn ticket with their name and address, a description of the pawned item, the loan amount, and the loan’s maturity date.

You’ll hand the shop your item in exchange and be on your merry way.

At the end of the loan term (usually 30 days), you’ll pay back the loan plus any fees and interest.

There are no credit checks and no complex applications.

Plus, being unable to pay back the loan isn’t the end of the world. All that happens when you fail to pay back a pawn loan is the pawn shop becomes the owner of your property. No credit damage, no collections agencies, and no worries. The pawnbroker simply takes possession of your item and cancels the loan

On that note, If the jewelry is such a bother that you don’t want it back, no worries — all you have to do is not pay the loan back.

It’s perfect for everyone involved — you get a nice sum of money and ditch your unwanted jewelry. Meanwhile, the pawn store has another piece to sell to someone else who does want it.

Pawn Your Jewelry in Philadelphia, PA

Got some unwanted jewelry you’d like to pawn in Philadelphia? At Cash Express, jewelry is one of our favorite items to receive from customers and borrowers. Bring in your jewelry and let us have a look — we’ll get you out the door with a fair offer the same day! Contact us to learn more or stop by today.

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Thursday, June 24 2021
3 Things to Do When Your Jewelry Breaks

A lot of jewelry breaks at some point. Yet, the broken pieces themselves may hold some financial and/or sentimental value that keeps you from just tossing it. That’s understandable, but what can you do with it besides let it gather dust in a box?

A few things, actually. Here are some options for dealing with your broken jewelry.

1. Fix It

First and foremost, why not try fixing the jewelry? We, unfortunately, live in a society where people tend to throw away broken stuff… yet much of that could be fixed and work like new to reduce this waste.

No need to know how to fix jewelry yourself — jewelry stores and jewelry repair shops both can fix that jewelry up for you. You’ll pay some money, but if you pick a good store, they’ll restore your jewelry’s beauty as if it were new.

2. Sell It

It doesn’t matter if your jewelry is broken — it’s made of valuable materials. Thus, many people (including pawn shops) would be happy to buy the broken jewelry for its precious metal and stone content.

Silver jewelry on its own may not fetch a high price, since it hovers around $30/oz at the time of writing. Gold, however, is around $1,900/oz and platinum over $1,000/oz, both at the time of writing.

Thus, broken jewelry made with these precious metals may be worth selling.

Of course, there are also stones to consider. If you have a diamond in the piece of jewelry (perhaps it's a diamond ring), that could nab you a much greater sale price.

3. Pawn It

You don’t have to sell your broken jewelry to exchange it for money. Why not pawn it for a short-term loan? Pawn shops are often willing to give larger pawn loans than the typical sale price since they’re more likely to get their money back.

Once again, since the jewelry is broken, the loan amount will depend mostly on the value of the materials (the metals and stones in the jewelry). Silver jewelry may not get you an appreciable sum of cash, but gold and platinum pieces will, given their greater value.

Thinking of selling or pawning that broken jewelry in Philadelphia? Or maybe you plan on fixing it up first to increase the possible payout? In either case, bring it into Cash Express. We love jewelry and are happy to get you an excellent price or loan as soon as today. Contact us today or come in to learn more!

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Wednesday, June 16 2021
4 Tips to Pawn Your Stuff More Confidently

Pawning an item can be an excellent way to access cash fast.

How it works is simple: you bring an item of value into a pawnbroker like Cash Express. We evaluate the item and offer you a loan with certain terms based on our appraisal of the item. If you accept the loan, we hold onto the item as you pay back the loan.

Once you pay back the loan, we hand you the item. No credit checks, no long applications, no denials for bad credit.

It’s easy enough and helps plenty of people cover financial gaps every day. However, you may be a bit confused if you’re new to it, so we put together a few quick tips to pawn your items with confidence.

1. Do Your Research

First and foremost, nothing instills confidence like doing your homework. Spend some time online trying to discover how much your pawnable items might be worth.

Depending on the item, nailing down exact numbers might be hard — not to mention every pawn shop differs. Still, this can help you determine which item to pawn based on how much money you need.

2. Set Realistic Expectations

Pawn shops generally hand out more money for a pawn loan than they do when outright buying an item. They’re willing to do so because they’re likely to get their money back at some point.

Still, despite doing your research on the item, you may not get the exact amount you want when you bring the item in. Pawn loans still create some risk for the pawn shop, after all. Additionally, the pawn shop may discover something else about your item that changes how valuable it is.

With these in mind, set realistic expectations for the final loan amount you might receive.

3. Decide How Much You Value Your Item

Ideally, you pay back the loan and the pawn shop returns the item to you. However, if you fail to pay back the loan, the pawn shop takes possession of your item.

Thus, decide how much you value the item. If it’s, say, a piece of family heirloom jewelry, you may not want to take the risk.

However, if it’s a ring from an ex, or maybe one of many guitars you own (and not one of particular value) you may not stress too much if you fail to pay back the loan.

The good thing is that (as mentioned) your score won’t take a hit from failing to pay since no credit check occurs. The worst that happens is you lose your item.

4. Visit a Reputable Pawnbroker Specializing in Your Item

Pawn shops sometimes get a bad reputation because of a few bad apples. These bad apples do exist, but the majority of pawn shops are excellent places willing to get you a good price on any valuable item you bring in.

With that in mind, try to find a pawn shop that specializes in the item you’d like to pawn. For example, if you have a nice guitar, look for a pawn shop in your area that mainly buys/sells/pawns musical instruments.

If you’re looking for a pawn shop in Philadelphia, look no further than Cash Express. We especially love jewelry and precious metals, but don’t let that stop you from bringing in other items! We’d be happy to take a look and get cash into your hand as soon as today. Feel free to give us a call at (215) 922-1560 or come stop by to learn more!

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Monday, May 24 2021
6 Reasons To Get Your Fine Jewelry From a Pawn Shop

Your local jewelry store isn’t your only option for finding and buying high-quality fine jewelry. In fact, your local pawn shop might work better for you.

So if you’re in the market for a fine piece or two, here are 6 reasons to get it from a pawn shop.

1. Great Prices

We all know fine jewelry carries a hefty price. But pawn shops can offer much lower prices than jewelry stores because the pieces are used — yet used doesn’t mean “bad condition”. Many pawn shops have pieces that are almost as good as new, yet cost a fraction of “new”.

2. Price Flexibility

Is a piece still out of your budget, but you want it? No worries — some pawn shops may be open to a bit of haggling.

That said, not all are. In this case, you can still bring in your own items to sell or for a pawn loan, then use your proceeds to purchase the piece you want.

Alternatively, some pawn shops even offer layaway. It never hurts to ask a pawn shop to see if they’re willing to work with you on a payment plan so you can afford that lovely piece.

3. Selection

Pawn shops specializing in jewelry have a wider selection than you might think.

That’s because they get pieces from all over — everything from major jewelers to small, independent operations may have pieces show up in your local pawn store. You effectively get to “visit” several jewelers at once while scoring a great deal on any piece you buy.

4. Confidence and Quality

Reputable pawn shops thoroughly test every piece that comes through their store for authenticity before putting it on their shelves for sale.

Plus, pawn shops repair and renovate pieces to make sure your choice of jewelry is in great shape. Whether it’s clearing up surface scratches or changing the clasps, you can rest assured that your piece is genuine and in fantastic shape.

5. Knowledgeable Pawn Shop Staff

Jewelry is quite a deep and broad field. Trying to learn the nitty-gritty of jewelry and precious stones can be pretty overwhelming.

Luckily, pawn shop staff — especially those at stores specializing in jewelry — are knowledgeable on all things jewelry. Whether you have questions about what a “karat” is or you need help finding a good engagement ring, pawn staff are often able to help you out.

6. For The Environment

As much as we love jewelry, creating new pieces can be bad for the environment. By buying used at a pawn shop, you’re reducing your environmental footprint by cutting the demand for new jewelry and precious stones.

So now you save money and help the environment. Not a bad deal.

Looking for jewelry in the Philadelphia area? Don’t break the bank. Instead, come down to Cash Express pawn shop. We love jewelry and precious stones, so we’ve got plenty of those at great prices. And if you have some fine jewelry that you’d like to pawn or sell, we'd love to take a look and get you a fair deal. Stop into our store today!

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