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Friday, July 13 2018
Negotiation Lessons

Have you ever walked into a pawn shop and wondered if you could negotiate the price of an item that you liked? If you are curious about how pawn shops work and how you might be able to negotiate an item that you have your eye on, then Cash Express has a few tips to help get you started. Cash Express is Philadelphia’s premier pawn shop for local customers and beyond.

Whether you are buying something from a pawn shop or whether you are selling something to a pawn shop, the room for negotiation always exists. Dollar amounts are always involved with a transaction, and most pawn shop owners will do what they can to satisfy a customer’s requests, especially if it means that they can establish a long-term relationship with the visitor.

The good news is that on most occasions a pawn shop owner will negotiate on the price on an item, whether it’s an item that you want to buy off the shelf or whether it’s an item you want to sell for cash. A helpful tip to remember is that pawn shop owners are willing to be flexible, but it doesn’t mean that they appreciate over-negotiation.

Of course, everyone wants to save money whenever they can. The trick is knowing how to negotiate for something without haggling to the point that you annoy the shop owner. Many people are under the impression that pawn shop owners don’t pay anything for their items and that they can sell them for any price they desire. The truth is that pawn shop owners must pay for whatever items they bring into their shop and they try to set these items at reasonable prices for their customers.

The bottom line is that pawn shops are businesses and they aren’t going to give away their items for free. At the same time, with some respectful negotiation skills, you can expect to pay less than the sticker price for most items in a shop. It never hurts to try your negotiating skills, but it’s important to know how much you’re going to ask for an item. Don’t expect the full value and make sure that you factor in the value of the item, whether it’s one you’re trying to buy or whether it’s one you’re trying to sell.

Negotiating an offer that is fair is the name of the game. Inspect the item in question carefully and then decide if the price is already fair. Most pawn shops try to price items to sell quickly, so many of the prices are already reasonable. If you still feel as though you have good grounds for negotiating, then give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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