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Wednesday, January 10 2024
Can you Sell Clothing to Pawn Shops, and How to do so successfully?

There is no definitive answer, as if you can sell clothing to pawn shops. Some places won’t even look at clothing because it takes up a lot of inventory room. Plus, the condition of clothing must be prime, and, if possible, a name brand.


At Cash Express, our experience indicates that, unlike jewelry and tools, clothes can take a long time to sell. Clothing styles change in the blink of an eye. Assessing clothing also proves challenging based on wear and tear.


Don’t be wholly discouraged. You can sell clothing to some pawn shops successfully. In some instances, it can be a great way to clean out your closet and get some extra cash.

What Pawn Shops Don’t Want in Clothing. 

In order to sell clothing to pawn shops successfully, it helps to know some of the key reasons the establishment might say “no.”


  1. Very specific sizes or styles. These have limited resale value. 

  2. Condition. While you might think a piece looks great, pawnbrokers have keen eyes. They look for seam issues, stains, and other signs of heavy use to determine whether they’ll buy an item.

  3. Seasonal Items: Pawnbrokers will rarely buy winter items in spring. The demand is low. So sort your items by season before you try to sell.

  4. Knockoffs: When you’re selling high-end, designer pieces, there’s always caution. The shop needs to authenticate the piece and make sure it’s not counterfeit. If you have any documents supporting the validity of the clothing, bring them. Providence at Cash Express matters and can increase the value of your item.

  5. Space constraints: Pawn shops won’t usually just grab up a bundle of pieces. They opt for items that, in their experience, will sell well (and quickly).

  6. Clothing types: Pawn shops are on the lookout for designer pieces. But like any other piece, they review the clothing’s condition and then consider it based on their target market. 

How to Sell Clothing to Pawn Shops Successfully

So what DO pawn shops accept in the way of clothing based on their target market? 


  1. Gently used pieces

  2. Designer Clothing

  3. High-end wardrobe accessories


Look at your clothing with a discerning eye. Think like another person might if they were looking at the item. If you can put yourself in those shoes, you make better choices about what to pawn. 

Pawning vs. Selling

The only real reason to pawn your clothing is if you don’t mind not having the item for a while and you’re looking for fast cash that you can repay in a specific amount of time. With your wardrobe, outright selling might be the best idea. The only downfall here is that you may receive a lower amount than pawning. 

Tip: Avoid pawning or selling items with sentimental value. You may regret this decision in the future.

Contacting Cash Express

If you are uncertain whether or not we are taking specific items, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can give you our requirements and let you know if we might be interested in seeing the piece(s). Our telephone number is 215-922-1560. 

You can also email us at or use our online contact form to find out if your property is something we’re looking for right now or to ask questions. Our trained staff is ready and happy to be of service.


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